Lockdown Projects

The following Projects show a good mix of Engineering and boat building by our members over the past year. 

Bruce's loco's and boats

Bruce has recently completed a loco and has painted and lined it in 2020 LBSCR 1913 K Class. The transfers were unobtainable, so he has used his sign writing skills to add the fine detail.

Other pictures include an ongoing project of the 7 No. Pullman cars, which is an all metal chassis members and bogie frames.

The boat is a steam tug taken on Cheddar lake.

rOB M's boats

Rob is working on a kit called Arrow which he bought from SLEC Ltd and it is based on a classic off shore racer. He has fitted this with a brushless motor.

TERRY H's boats

Terry’s projects include the Milford Star, Customs Cutter Sentinel and Fairmile “D” Dogboat. These are now awaiting ballast and water testing at Coate Water when restrictions allow.